Funeral Merchandise 


Caskets available range from those made of wood or wood veneers, to metal caskets and others made of composite materials.

Cremation containers are available in a variety of materials.  Cremation containers meet legal requirements and consider both economic and environmental aspects.

Urns are found in marble, wood, metal, ceramic and some composite materials. Select urns may be engraved or personalized with script or images.  Keepsake cremation urns for cremated remains are small sized cremation urns or cremation jewelry.  These urns or jewelry  can hold a small amount of cremated remains.  These are often used in addition to a full sized urn when ashes are shared amongst family and friends.

Concrete Burial Vaults

An unlined burial vault is an outer receptacle that houses the casket and is intended to prevent the collapse of a casket owing to the weight of the earth when a grave is filled in.  Lined and sealed burial vaults are meant to prevent ground water from accessing the vault interior in addition to preventing a casket's collapse.  All burial vaults are supplied through local manufacturers.